ETL Testing Interview Questions and Answers

ETL Testing Interview Questions and Answers which are important and must know by the ETL Testing performer and it will be help full to attend interviews and improve your testing skills, please find the below some top ETL Testing Interview Questions.

ETL Testing Interview Questions and Answers

 1. Challenges in the BI Testing field in your previous project.

2. What is BI?

The five key stages of Business Intelligence:

  • Data Sourcing
  • Data Analysis
  • Situation Awareness
  • Risk Assessment
  • Decision Support

3. What is a Data Warehouse?

The important characteristics of a Data Warehouse:

  • Subject Oriented
  • Integrated
  • Time-variant
  • Non-volatile

4. Generally how does the data flow in a Data Warehouse?

5. What is a Data Mart?

6. What is ETL?

7. BI/DW Testing

8. What is the need to test a Data Warehouse?

9. Data Warehouse Testing and Database Testing

10. Type of testing done in a Data Warehouse project

11. Who all are involved in testing a data warehouse?

12. What are the phases undergone by the QA team?

13. How does the QA team prepare test cases?

14. Query Format

15. OLTP

16. OLAP

17. Data mining.

18. Should we use OLTP design for DWH

19. Lookup tables

20. Real time DWH

21. CDC

22. MDM

23. What are the tools that a QA team may use?

  • Data access tools (e.g., TOAD, WinSQL) are used to analyze content of tables and to

analyze results of loads.

  • ETL Tools (e.g. Informatica, Datastage).
  • Test management tool (e.g. Test Director, Quality Center) thatmaintains and tracks the requirements, test cases, defects and traceability matrix.

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