Who are Eligible to Take ETL Testing Training Course?

QA Testers to get job in ETL Testing and get more salary and also get job quickly. Database administrators should be  in detail oriented and should have prior experience in data environments are supposed to take such trainings. Computer science students and graduates in Business Administration are expected to have the knowledge of the ETL training for BI. This training is also essential for those who are seeking increments and promotions to enhance their skills to become a profession in database management..

ETL Testing Online Training

ETL tetsing is done through SQL scripting of data spreadsheets. ETL testing provides output with error free,time consuming and complete test coverage. ETL testing will be done as equal to manual testing with human interaction. ETL development cycle contains below phases requirement analysis,High level design,Low level design,development, system integration testing and production. It is the process of migration of the data from one database to the other in order to develop the data warehouses and conversion of data into appropriate formats. ETL testing process will be done by using a tool with the help of test cases and Rules Mapping document.

Overview of ETL Testing Online Training


Informatica is an important tool in data integration and data quality services. Informatica has the capacity to manage,integrate and migrate the enterprise data. ETL testing training is very essential for developers and professionals who deal with the real time problems. ETL training can be achieved by number of training programs. Some institutes offer classroom training programs while some other offers online training programs. ETL training has gained importance because of the latest changes and updates in testing, resume preparation, mock interviews, daily recorded sessions and job placement.

ETL professionals plays a major role, as they give assistance to professional architects, project managers and trainees as well. ETL training provides the knowledge of date warehousing design, model and taking actions on the development of the same. The training helps you to get the knowledge of accessing the data..

What are Critical Success Factors?

What are Critical Success Factors?

Key areas of activity in which favorable results are

necessary for a company to obtain its goal.

There are four basic types of CSFs which are:

Industry CSFs
Strategy CSFs
Environmental CSFs
Temporal CSFs.

What is data cube technology used for?

What is data cube technology used for?

Data cubes are commonly used for easy interpretation

of data. It is used to represent data along with

dimensions as some measures of business needs. Each dimension of the cube represents some attribute of the database. E.g profit per day, month or year..

What is data cleaning?

What is data cleaning?

Data cleaning is also known as data scrubbing.

Data cleaning is a process which ensures the set of data

is correct and accurate. Data accuracy and consistency,

data integration is checked during data cleaning. Data cleaning can be applied for a set of records or multiple sets of data which need to be merged.


Explain how to mine an OLAP cube.

Explain how to mine an OLAP cube.

An extension of data mining can be used for slicing the

data the source cube in discovered data mining.

The case table is dimensioned at the time of mining a


Explain different stages of “Data mining”?

What are different stages of “Data mining”?

A stage of data mining is a logical process for searching

large amount information for finding important data.

Stage 1: Exploration:One will want to explore and prepare data. The goal of the exploration stage is to find important variables and determine their nature.

Stage 2: pattern identification: Searching for patterns and choosing the one which allows making best prediction,

is the primary action in this stage.

Stage 3: Deployment stage. Until consistent pattern is

found in stage 2, which is highly predictive, this stage

can not be reached. The pattern found in stage 2, can be applied for the purpose to see whether the desired

outcome is achieved or not..

What are the different problems that “Data mining” can solve?

What are the different problems that “Data mining” can solve?

Data mining can be used in a variety of fields/industries

like marketing  of products and services,

AI, government intelligence.

The US FBI uses data mining for screening security and intelligence for identifying illegal and incriminating e-information distributed over internet..

What is Data purging?

What is Data purging?

Deleting data from data warehouse is known as data

purging.  Usually junk  data like rows with null values or spaces are cleaned up.

Data purging is the process of cleaning this kind of junk values..

what is BUS schema?

what is BUS schema?

A BUS schema is to identify the common dimensions

across business processes, like identifying conforming dimensions. It has conformed dimension and

standardized definition of facts.